Don't get burned, use Boston Fire Sprinkler
Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection Company Inc.

Welcome to Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection Company Inc.

BFS is a 100% woman owned business and is WBE certified. We are committed to safety and customer satisfaction. With more than 50 years of combined fire protection experience among staff and management, Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection Co., Inc. can offer you the best design, installation, testing, repair and maintenance in the industry.

Our Services

  • Emergency services provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Commercial and residential installation of all water based fire sprinkler systems.
  • FPE stamped, hydraulically calculated plans.
Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection Company Inc.

Tim Valle

Valle Fire Protection Design LLC

"Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection has been and continues to be a top notch company to work with. As a sub contractor for Boston Fire Sprinkler Protection I have an outsiders perspective on the craftsman ship and from my experience it is of the highest quality. The management team instills the necessity for quality installation on every project no mater the size or scope. When the project is finished, I can take pride knowing I was part of the team that produced a high quality product.

On top of the quality and efficiency they deliver, they are just good people and a pleasure to work with on any and every project."

Trinity Builders

"I have worked with Boston Fire Sprinkler over the course of my career as a Construction Manager at JLL, Garland and Trinity. I trust them to provide competitive and fair pricing, to perform their work safely and efficiently and to be on site when we need them with the right team.

The office at Boston Fire Sprinkler efficiently provides pricing, submittals, drawings, calculations, permits, and close out paper work in a timely manner, I never have to ask twice.

On site, they have great teams who communicate and coordinate with the superintendent and the other subcontractors on site, and when a conflict arises, they work with the project team to make a decision and move things forward.

Not only do I enjoy working with Dave and Mike, but they have worked hard for me over the years, I trust them, and I would highly recommend them!"